Line Dotted
Dear guests, please ensure you follow the rules listed below :

  1. On the day of arrival, the flat will be available from 16.00;
  2. On the day of departure, please leave the flat before 11.00 am;
  3. On the day of departure you are kindly requested to wash all your kitchenware, throw away your rubbish in the council bins (dividing your waste so it can be recycled), clean the fridge and the freezer, the bathrooms, the basins and sinks, the shower and leave the flat in the condition you found it in. Please put all the linen provided and the towels in a pillow case.
  4. If there is a problem in the flat or damage is caused, please tell us immediately so that we can sort things out as soon as possible.
  5. You must use sheets on the beds and must not remove the mattress-protection sheet from the mattress.
  6. Leave all large sport equipment (dinghies, water-skis, scuba diving cylinders) and car luggage-racks out of the flat;
  7. You are, of course, welcome to have guests. Guests and people from camping sites and hotels are not allowed to stay in the flat for extended periods of time. The household appliances (dish-washer, washing machine, shower, etc) are not at their disposal.
  8. The number of people allowed to live in the flat and sleep there is clearly stated in the lease contract.
  9. The furniture, household appliances, kitchenware and linen are never to be moved from the flat. They cannot be used on the beach or taken with you if you go for an outing. We recommend you draw/lower the blinds and close the garden umbrellas when you are away;
  10. For safety reasons (fire prevention) it is forbidden to use barbecues of any kind (electric, coal and/or gas).
  11. No animals are allowed in the flats.
  12. Write down the kW number displayed on the electric meter when you arrive and when you leave (on the day the lease contract ends). You will be charged 0.10 Kw/hour as shown on the price list.

Thank you for your cooperation

We can terminate the lease contract without notice if there is a serious breach of contract or if you disregard the rules listed here. There will be no reimbursement or refund.


  • We would appreciate your telling us, before you arrive, if you would like us to provide sheets and/or towels at the price shown on our price list.
  • If possible, please tell us the exact time of your arrival with 24 hours’ notice, so that we can arrange to assist you in the best possible way.

Have a pleasant stay in Corsica.