Line Dotted

You must know how to live in Calvi and to accept it with its August crowd with plenty of voices, sounds, colours, games and a busy nightlife. You will contemplate sublimely its red hot sunsets when the sun, disappearing into the sea, strikes the mountains of the vast bay with its light, preparing itself for other moments in Calvi: those dedicated to meditation, aperitifs at the port or in the many beach bars, the more intense one in the coves or in the corners between the sand and the pine grove which crown it like an ancient silent vestal, the one belonging to culture between the walls of the "Citadels" immersed among the bastions of the 13th century.

The more you get to know it and the more you feel its magic pervading you.
But May and September are its best months, when the early Mistral blows among the rocks engraved by time and carries on in its continuous crescendo up to howling among spheres of rocks smoothed down by centuries just like an orchestra with only violas and magic flutes.

October and April, which are the months I feel most mine, winter, those dedicated to discovery, routes, friends who accept you for the simplicity you have often been looking for, made of flavours, silence, harmony and serenity.

If you have lived it intensely over the years, whether by sea, sky or land, if you have experienced and tasted the contours of the waters and mountains, if you have slept surrounded by the blue under the stacks standing high over the boundless blue mirror, blinded by a red hot sunset, only then you can feel safe to promote it.

Out of well-trodden, known and indicated passes, in coves of reddened nippers, in the silver reflection of the light water course that, not much silently, bursts out to reach the sea, you find your space, serenity and the calcareous mat where you can lie down and think.

There might be historical reasons behind the inlays on the granite of the "Always Faithful", it is about sensations thanks to which "Always Faithful" becomes the saying of those who get to Calvi and enjoy all its seasons.

Therefore, "Calvi my home", wish of sharing with others Your discoveries, Your sensations, Your emotions, Your wishes ...

Fuori le mura 2008 M.G.Z.